We are not only a consultancy…
We are one of the best trained offices to provide the legal, labour, tax and accounting advice that you need.

Tax Area

  • Tax registration

  • Personal Income Tax.

  • Capital Gains Tax.

  • Corporation Tax.

  • Value Added Tax

  • Stamp Duty.

  • Other taxes.

Legal Department

  • Legal cover for every one of our clients’ decisions.

  • Formulation and revision of all kinds of agreements.

  • Tailored contract drafting.

  • Legal claims to defend our clients’ interests.

Commercial Area

  • Comprehensive advice in company formation.

  • Corporate restructuring, mergers and liquidations of companies.

  • Drafting and processing of corporate and statutory modifications, powers of attorney, capital increases and reductions, renewal of administrators.

  • Filing of annual reports. Authentification of accounting ledgers.

Labour department

  • Payrolls and social security payments.

  • Preparation of work contracts.

  • Management of work-related accidents and sick leave.

  • Labour audit.

  • Resolution of social security incidents.

  • Design, approval and implementation of Collective Company Agreements.

  • Assistance with inspection procedures.

  • Information about development and/or job maintenance grants.

Financial and Accountancy Department.

  • Preparation of feasibility plans.

  • Preparation of business plans.

  • Investment studies.

  • Preparation of financial plans.


  • Cooperative constitution

  • Statute modifications.

  • Social Economy grants.

  • Expulsions and resignations.

  • Cooperative audit.

  • Internal rules and regulations.

  • Drafting of corporate resolutions.

  • Legal counsellor.

Accounting Area

  • Design and adaptation of the Spanish general accounting plan.

  • Bookkeeping organisation and starting.

  • Updating-preparation of the accounting and procurement of financial printouts.

And, in addition...

  • Data protection

  • Grant presentation and justification.

  • Equality programmes.

  • Collaborative agreements with external partners to help the client comply with all their legal obligations.

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