Space for Cooperatives

In 2001 we formed our first cooperative.

Our professional and personal experiences have led us to design a COOPERATIVE AUDITOR as a diagnostic tool to be able to provide the service you really need.

Do you know what the cooperative principles are? Do you know the differences between a cooperative and a limited company? How many partners do you have? How much capital do you have?

What do you do when faced with a conflictive partner? Do you know about conciliation and cooperative arbitration? Do you need a legal adviser?

Do you know your rights as a partner? What about your social and economic responsibility in a cooperative? Do you have an updated professional membership statute that really responds to your needs and concerns?

Do you know if you are a specially protected cooperative? Whether you have preferential tax treatment? Are you protected??

Do you know your responsibilities as a director? Are your corporate books up to date? Have you analysed the possibilities of social security contributions?

If a cooperative is not a suitable formula for you, we can offer alternatives which will adapt to your needs.

Do you have a company?
Do you have a business idea? Are you ready?

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